Miami Construction Licensing Claims Attorney

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In Florida, the construction industry is largely regulated by a complex network of federal, state and municipal regulations. Without proper guidance, construction companies or individual contractors may find themselves under fire for improper licensing or zoning violations. At the Law Offices of Ronald E. Kaufman, P.A., we help businesses and individuals throughout the Miami metro area navigate the legal issues associated with construction licenses and permits.

Our attorney, Ronald Kaufman, is a board-certified Miami construction licensing claims lawyer. Using his thorough knowledge of construction law, he provides licensing and zoning consultations for companies or general contractors wishing to begin a new project. He also represents public and private owners, developers, condominium associations, homeowner associations, lenders, construction firms, contractors, suppliers, architects, and engineers involved construction litigation and regulatory issues.

Board Certification: What Does it Mean? (PDF)

Protecting Your Business Reputation

At our law firm, our goal is to protect our clients' businesses and personal interests. We provide consulting and representation for issues involving:

  • Repairs and improvements
  • Licensing and certification issues
  • Quality inspections
  • Local code enforcement, including city, county and municipal permits
  • Liens, including foreclosure liens
  • Product & labor warranties

Attorney Kaufman also represents contractors and qualifying agents with Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) matters before the Division of Administrative Hearings.

Minimizing Risk by Thorough Preparation

One of the best things an individual or company can do to ensure a successful project is to negotiate and draft a clear and comprehensive construction contract. We advise and assist clients to draft effective contracts that minimize your risks and potential liabilities.

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